If you've been searching for a way to avoid daily shaving or monthly waxing, both of which are time consuming, painful and usually have ugly side effects, then you've found your answer with Laser hair Removal. This procedure is both quick and effective and produces no unsightly side effects. The procedure is done by applying a cooling gel to the skin and then using light and heat the hair follicles are disabled without damage to the surrounding skin. The Result is that hair is unable to grow back. The procedure has little to no discomfort and no down time. Within two weeks the destroyed hair follicle will expel itself leaving behind smooth skin with no stubble or shadow. Now, that’s not to say just one treatment is going to keep you hair free forever. Since hair grows in cycles it will be necessary to complete a series of treatments, usually about six, but with each treatment there is a significant reduction in the amount of hair as well as the hair texture.