Tummy Tuck in Long IslandWhile some plastic surgeons with limited skill perform procedures in a standardized way, world-class plastic surgeons listen to their patients’ specific preferences and adjust their surgical techniques to best fulfill patients’ goals. At first glance, tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) may appear to be a straightforward procedure, but Dr. David Funt can customize it in a variety of ways to achieve fantastic, satisfying results. Some of the options he presents to his patients include:

1. Pairing with Liposuction

While traditional tummy tuck does remove a modest amount of fat, it is primarily focused on excess skin. If you have excess skin and fat around your abdomen, you may need both liposuction and tummy tuck to achieve your wish of having a trimmer midsection. Liposuction permanently suctions out the stubborn fat cells so that your skin can then be re-draped tightly over your sleeker contours.

2. Adjusting the Navel

When Dr. Funt removes excess skin from around your stomach and pulls the remaining skin taut during abdominoplasty, your belly button is either shifted or eliminated entirely. Dr. Funt usually creates a new belly button to maintain a natural appearance for the stomach. He focuses on creating a position and size that is harmonious with the trimmer size of your midsection, accounting for your preferences in terms of how you would like your navel to look.

3. Reconnecting Abdominal Muscles

You may lose your firm tummy if your abdominal muscles separate. This condition, known as diastasis recti, is most common among people who have been pregnant or gained a substantial amount of weight. By reconnecting the muscles, Dr. Funt can help give your newly slimmer abdomen a more toned appearance.

4. Mini Tummy Tuck

Not all patients who want to flatten their pooch need a full abdominoplasty. If your excess skin is concentrated belly your navel, Dr. Funt may deem you a good candidate for mini tummy tuck. This is a less invasive procedure that involves a smaller incision — and therefore a briefer recovery period. However, if you also have loose skin above your belly button, you will probably achieve better results with a traditional tummy tuck.

Meet with a Body Contouring Specialist

Dr. Funt is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Long Island, NYC whose portfolio reflects his ability to create attractive and natural-looking abdominoplasty results for each patient. To meet with him at his Roslyn Heights or Woodmere office and determine if you are a good candidate for a makeover to your midsection, please call 516-295-0404 today.

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