What are IPL Photofacials?

Photofacials are a revolutionary advance in laser cosmetics that remove discoloration and textural irregularities, resulting in the appearance of healthier, more vibrant skin.

Who is a Candidate for Photofacials?

If you suffer from photo damage, sun damage, or other environmental damage, photofacial works exceptional well at removing discoloration, improving skin texture and tone while providing a slight tightening effect to the skin. Years of sun bathing and exposure to the natural elements can be removed after a short, no down time protocol.

How Frequently do I Need Treatments?

A typical protocol would be five sessions, spaced two to four weeks apart. For discrete vascular areas such as spider veins and broken capillaries, a more aggressive approach may be determined.

How Does a Photofacial Rejuvenate my Skin?

Photofacial uses gentle light and thermal energy to promote collagen production in the dermis and restore skin to a more youthful state. Brown spots (pigmented imperfections) from sun damage and aging, red blotching from spider vessels or rosacea (vascular imperfections), and rough porous skin texture will improve over a treatment series. Treatments consistently achieve visible improvement with little discomfort. Studies have concluded that flushing, redness and symptoms of rosacea improve more than 75% on average.

Does IPL Treatment Hurt?

There is little to no discomfort involved in the photo rejuvenation process. Our systems employ a chill tip that minimizes any discomfort. We offer a host of pre and post treatment topicals to help alleviate any pain, or irritation.

What Happens after Each Treatment?

Temporary pinkness of the skin can last a very short time (minutes, hours, a day) but the improvement in pigment and vascular irregularities can often be appreciated by the time you return for your next treatment. Brown spots and freckles temporarily become darker before they lighten. Particularly sensitive areas may crust.

Is Photo Rejuvenation Safe?

Treatment is very safe for the skin. There are no long term health hazards from light or thermal energy used. Both have been used for decades in medicine, surgery, and aesthetics without adversity.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect from IPL Photofacial Treatment?

Each treatment will result in gradual lightening and improvement of pigmented and vascular imperfections. Textural improvements are realized towards the end of the treatment series.

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