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Upper Lip Shortening on Long Island, NYBecause facial attractiveness is all about proportions, patients frequently ask whether it is possible to decrease the distance between their nose and their mouth. For these patients, Dr. David K. Funt per-forms upper lip shortening — sometimes referred to as a lip lift — a popular cosmetic procedure that positions the upper lip closer to the nose.
As people age, it is common for the lower part of their faces to droop, creating more space between the nose and lips. By removing a small section of skin, Dr. Funt can help restore balance to the face and boost the attractiveness of the lips. Be sure to discuss your aesthetic goals with Dr. Funt during your consultation so that he can achieve the precise look you are dreaming of.

Upper Lip Shortening Benefits

Not only do lip shortening patients gain the facial proportions they desire, they also tend to no-tice years vanish from their appearance since a shorter distance from lip to nose is more common-ly found in younger people and some age lines disappear when the skin is removed.

The surgery can also enhance the appearance of the Cupid’s bow, which is the double curvature at the top center of the upper lip. Lifting the skin makes the Cupid’s bow a more prominent fea-ture by adding appealing contour to the lip line.

Better still, lip shortening often helps patients show a bit more of their upper front teeth when the lips are in their resting position. Many consider it attractive to show a small amount of teeth when they smile, and this surgery can make it easier to reveal the teeth without having to put in deliberate effort.

Upper Lift Shortening Procedure Details

Lip Lift in nassau county long islandUpper lip shortening is an outpatient surgery that lasts approximately an hour. You will receive either local or general anesthesia to ensure that you remain comfortable throughout the process. During the procedure, Dr. Funt will make a small incision below the nose and then remove several millimeters of skin to move your lip upward. He will then use sutures to minimize bleeding and keep the skin in its new, beautiful position.

What is it Like to Recover from Upper Lip Shortening?

Most patients will experience some pain and swelling in the days following surgery, each of which are manageable with prescription painkillers and ice packs. After about five days, Dr. Funt will remove your sutures, and a couple of days after that your face should be healed enough that you can resume nor-mal activities without it being too obvious that you have had surgery.

The incision will leave a small scar that hides easily just beneath the nose. Most patients will see their scars fade out of sight completely after a year of healing.

Can the Same Look be Achieved by Lip Filler?

While filler will plump up the lips and mimic some of the results of upper lip shortening surgery, the results are temporary and not nearly as dramatic. If you are unsure whether injectables or surgery are better suited for your personal aesthetic goals, Dr. Funt will review the merits of each option so that you may make an informed decision.

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