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Rhinoplasty is a popular choice for patients seeking to improve the appearance, proportion and balance of their central facial feature. The procedure is both the oldest and most complex of all facial plastic surgeries. It demands an exceptional level of skill, precision and artistry to match outcomes with expectations.

Each rhinoplasty is highly customized, based on the facial structure and preferences of the patient. The nose can be reshaped in a variety of ways: The size, width, symmetry, angle of projection and even the flare of the nostrils can be altered. Subtle modifications can yield the most dramatic results. In addition, solutions for a deviated septum and other medical conditions are easily within reach. Whatever the operative plan, the result must be natural and harmonious with the patient’s other facial features.

What Are the Benefits of Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty in Woodmere Some of the changes you can achieve with nose reshaping surgery include:

  • Improving facial harmony: By resizing or reshaping the nose, your facial proportions become more balanced and attractive. Special attention should be paid to the extension of the chin.
  • Reprojecting the Tip: Most women have nasal tips that point slightly upward, while most men have nasal tips that extend straight forward. If you do not like the projection of your nasal tip or it does not conform with your gender, you may alter this with surgery.
  • Flattening a bump: Many noses have a dorsal hump on the bridge, but this can be smoothed out to create a natural-looking slope.
  • Better breathing: Rhinoplasty can correct a deviated (crooked) septum so that air flows through your nose in a normal manner.
  • Achieving symmetry: If you have a crooked nose or mismatching nostril shapes, surgery can improve the symmetry.

Rhinoplasty Procedure Details

Rhinoplasty is performed using either an “open” or a “closed” technique. An open rhinoplasty procedure begins with an incision between the nostrils, at the base of the nose. This creates a small scar that will be nearly invisible. In a closed rhinoplasty, the incision is made inside the nostrils. The benefit of the open technique is that it provides a better view of the internal structures of the nose for the surgeon, which tends to result is a more successful and satisfying result.

In both open and closed surgeries, Dr. Funt reshapes the nose by excising or realigning cartilage, and often changing the contours of the bone. To build volume, bone and cartilage may be transferred from other areas of the body. Both types of surgery are usually performed under general anesthesia.

Rhinoplasty Patient Testimonials

“If you want rhinoplasty done right, Dr. Funt is the person to go to. I was super concerned about my nose looking ‘done’ or fake, but it looks natural and fits my face perfectly. I didn’t even know my nose could look this good!” – J.G.

“I chose Dr. Funt after a great deal of research, and I’m so glad I did. His expertise and calm demeanor made me feel so comfortable. He provided meticulous, natural, and flawless results — he is a true artist!” – M.B.

“I’ve hated my nose forever and it would consume my thoughts daily. Now, a month out of surgery, I am really pleased with my results and no longer self-conscious. I would definitely recommend Dr. Funt for rhinoplasty — he did an amazing job. Honestly, the whole process was much easier than I anticipated!” – R.O.

Can Rhinoplasty be Performed on any Patient?

In general, yes, but the tone and suppleness of your skin is a factor. If you have thick skin, it may lack the flexibility to fit snugly over a smaller nose. Conversely, if your skin is too thin, it may show some of the surgical changes that have been made below the surface, such as bone grafts. Younger patients will heal faster, and older adults may notice that bruising takes longer to subside. Rhinoplasty is a more complex procedure for individuals who had the surgery before, as there is likely to be scar tissue remaining from the early restructuring.

Rhinoplasty Recovery Expectations

Although you will not be able to judge your final result for months, recovery from rhinoplasty is typically rapid. Patients wear a nasal splint for about a week and can usually return to work or school after that. Swelling will require months to completely subside.

To ensure optimal healing, and avoid the necessity of follow-up surgery, it is important to protect the nose during recovery. That means sleeping on your back with your head elevated, avoiding activities that could potentially result in injury to the nose, and following your doctor’s prescribed routines when it comes to washing your face, limiting exposure to ultraviolet rays, and avoiding vigorous physical activities.

Rhinoplasty FAQs

Is Getting a Rhinoplasty Worth It?

Rhinoplasty Nassau County NYRhinoplasty is the most performed plastic surgery in the United States, which is a strong indicator that patients love the procedure and the results it produces. Patient satisfaction surveys confirm that it most patients are happy they with their decision to have rhinoplasty.

One of the reasons for rhinoplasty’s popularity is the fact that it is a highly customizable surgery, capable of making big and small changes for men and women alike. Because the nose is at the center of the face, it is one of the most prominent features a person has, and therefore subject to more scrutiny.

How Long Does Rhinoplasty Last?

Both open and closed rhinoplasty can be performed in under two hours by Dr. Funt. Patients will be under anesthesia for the duration of the procedure and can safely return home (driven by someone else) on the same day.

As for the results, the changes achieved with rhinoplasty are generally considered permanent. Although you may notice slight changes over the years due to the aging process, for the most part the nose should hold its new shape indefinitely. You will not need to undergo a second rhinoplasty two decades from now to maintain the results. 

Is a Nose Job Painful?

Most patients do not find their recovery from rhinoplasty to be painful. You can expect your nose to be tender and sore, but you can generally avoid significant discomfort with help from prescription painkillers. Most patients only need to take a week off from school or work before they feel and look well enough to return to their normal activities.

How Much Does a Nose Job Cost?

Nose Job Nassau County NYBecause so many types of changes can be achieved with rhinoplasty, the price of the procedure depends on the specific surgical plan you and Dr. Funt agree on. During a consultation, Dr. Funt can provide a complete quote so that you may make an informed decision. If you would like to make payments toward the total cost of the procedure, financing options are available through CareCredit, a leading medical lender.

What Is the Right Age to Have Rhinoplasty?

Many patients decide to have rhinoplasty in their 20s because their desire to change their nose starts at a young age. However, if you decide to have rhinoplasty much later in life, this is also acceptable so long as you remain in good enough health to undergo an elective surgery. Dr. Funt can confirm your candidacy during a consultation.

The only age restriction when it comes to this surgery is that patients should be at least 16. That is because bones continue to grow until puberty has finished, so it is inadvisable to restructure the nose prior to that. Teenagers who wish to have rhinoplasty should consult with Dr. Funt to see whether they are too young for the surgery.

Is rhinoplasty covered by insurance?

Most nose jobs are cosmetic in nature and therefore are not covered by insurance policies. However, some functional rhinoplasties that are deemed medically necessary to improve breathing or resolve a traumatic injury may be covered (at least in part) by insurance. 

Will I have scars after rhinoplasty?

One of the best advantages of nose reshaping surgery is that it does not leave visible scarring. Closed rhinoplasty places the incisions inside the nostrils where scarring cannot be seen. Open rhinoplasty places the incision on the columella (the small strip of tissue between your nostrils), but it should be almost unnoticeable thanks to its deliberate placement.

Can I change the appearance of my nose without undergoing surgery?

Dr. Funt may perform a “liquid nose job,” which is a customizable treatment that uses a combination of dermal fillers to recontour the nose. The brevity and ease of this procedure (which involves no downtime) are obvious benefits, but you must be aware that you need to return for periodic injections to maintain your results. 

Why should I choose a great plastic surgeon for rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty in Roslyn Heights Although rhinoplasty is one of the most popular forms of plastic surgery, it is also arguably the most complex. Because the surgery requires advanced anatomical knowledge and a series of delicate changes, even some trained plastic surgeons prefer to avoid this surgery.

By choosing an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon who has received multiple awards recognizing him as one of Long Island’s best doctors, you ensure a high level of technical proficiency to achieve results you will love.

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Rhinoplasty is one of Dr. Funt’s most performed surgeries because his level of expertise and attention to detail allow him to produce amazing results. His stunning before-and-after photos and glowing patient reviews demonstrate his unrivaled rhinoplasty skills. To learn more about this procedure from Dr. Funt, please call (516) 295-0404 in Roslyn Heights or Woodmere.

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