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As impressive as the benefits of breast augmentation can be, many women realize that the projection, shape and symmetry of the breasts are also essential elements of an attractive upper body profile.

Breast Lift Benefits

Breast lift is the solution for changes in the tone and skin integrity of breasts, especially as a result of significant weight loss or pregnancy. During the procedure, the breasts are elevated on the chest, sculpted and balanced. Although the surgery is often performed in conjunction with breast augmentation, it can also be done as a standalone procedure. Women with naturally large breasts or large implants typically experience greater degrees of stretching, and are especially good candidates for breast lift.

Many women choose breast lift as a way to restore the “perky” look of youth. In addition to adjusting the angles of breast projection and refining proportions, the procedure can also correct the downward direction of nipples.

Will Breast lift Work if I Intend to Have More Children?

Ideally, you should wait until your family is complete before considering breast lift. The reason for that is that pregnancy and breastfeeding take a toll on the skin, muscles and ligaments of the breasts. A new pregnancy can lead to a return of the sagging you reversed with breast lift. You may need to repeat the surgery to restore your revitalized look.

Will Mastopexy Cause Scarring?

During breast lift, a surgeon makes incisions and removes some tissue, so some scarring is unavoidable. Dr. Funt places incisions in the least noticeable areas, and will discuss your preferences in detail to ensure you are happy with the final result.

Breasts with the least amount of sagging will require the shortest incisions. A “crescent incision” is used for breasts with minor droopiness. This creates a thin scar along the top of the areola. More significant sagging may require a “lollipop” incision, which is an incision from the areola to the lower breast, or an “inverted-T” incision, which adds a horizontal incision across the lower crease of the breast.

All scars gradually fade over time, and Dr. Funt will work with you to ensure you achieve optimal healing of incisions during recovery.

Breast Lift Recovery and Downtime

You should be able to return to work in about a week, for jobs that do not require physical labor. For the first several days after surgery, you will be wearing a support bra with small tubes to drain blood and fluids from the site of incisions. You will experience swelling and bruising for several months, and may sometimes feel localized numbness. Vigorous activities should be avoided during this period, especially lifting, pulling and other movements that put stress on the upper body. Walking is one activity you can resume almost immediately. It boosts your circulation and mood, protects against blood clots, and even helps reduce swelling.

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