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Abdominoplasty, commonly known as tummy tuck, can dramatically reshape the appearance and profile of the stomach by tightening muscles while removing excess skin and some fat. The procedure is especially popular with women whose abdominal muscles separated or lost integrity during pregnancy, and adults who have seen dramatic reductions in overall body weight.

Tummy tuck helps patients reclaim a taut, fit stomach, but it is not a shortcut to weight loss. In fact, Dr. Funt advises that patients not be significantly overweight before the procedure is performed. Lifestyle modification, including regular exercise, restricting caloric intake and making healthy menu choices, are the recommended solutions for obesity, not tummy tuck

Will Tummy Tuck Eliminate Stretch Marks?

Any improvement in stretch marks resulting from tummy tuck is incidental. Stretch marks are permanent indentations, and the only effective way to eliminate them is to remove the skin. Because tummy tuck involves excision of loose skin, some stretch marks may be removed along with the skin. This is generally skin in the lower abdomen. Skin in the upper or middle abdomen is stretched during tummy tuck but not usually removed. This tightening may moderately improve the appearance of existing stretch marks, but not erase the imperfections.

Will I Feel Pain After Tummy Tuck?

Abdominoplasty is major surgery, during which skin is removed and muscles are repaired. Substantial healing is necessary, which generates pain and discomfort. To limit the pain, soreness and feelings of tightness, Dr. Funt injects Exparel into the abdomen during the surgery. Exparel is a time-release non-narcotic pain reliever that takes over the task of pain management once your general anesthesia has worn off.

Tummy Tuck on Long Island, NY

Tummy Tuck Recovery and Drains

The use of drains in the post-operative period was once a standard technique. A more advanced approach is the use of progressive tension sutures, a new type of stitches. The sutures effectively seal the skin so there is no excess fluid, and no need for a drain. This innovative new technique also has the added benefit of allowing a surgeon to remove more skin if necessary.

Will I Have Scarring After tummy Tuck?

To gain access to abdominal muscles, a large incision is necessary in the lower abdomen. In addition, skin is removed during the procedure. As a result, scarring is inevitable. In general, the greater the amount of loose skin and folds, the longer the scar. There is some flexibility when it comes to placement of the incision, and women typically prefer to have the incision made below the bikini line, where a scar will be well-hidden.

Tummy Tuck Alternatives

For patients who want to minimize scarring, options to consider include liposuction, endoscopic abdominoplasty and mini abdominoplasty. The incisions required with liposuction are only large enough to allow insertion of a narrow tube called a cannula that is used to suction away fat cells. Scars from endoscopic abdominoplasty are about one to two inches in length; and the scar from a mini abdominoplasty closely resembles a C-section scar. All scars will fade to some extent over time.

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