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Chin implants reduce the chin to help provide a harmonious balance to the facial features, improving the facial profile and augmenting a weak chin. By placing a biocompatible implant in the lower jaw, patients can create a stronger chin and even lengthen the entire face. While many patients used dermal fillers to increase the size of their chin, these results only last for a few months and require frequent touch ups. In comparison, chin implants offer patients permanent results that can be customized to achieve your unique desired look.

Chin Augmentation Complementary Procedures

This procedure is commonly recommended in conjunction with rhinoplasty in order to achieve a more satisfying facial proportion, since the size of the chin may be affected by the new size and shape of the nose. It may also be combined with cheek implants or a lip augmentation for maximum aesthetic results. Many patients do not come to a plastic surgeon requesting a chin implant, but are usually pleased with the outcome of this procedure after their doctor suggested it.

Candidates for Chin Augmentation

The chin implant procedure is ideal for patients with a weak chin and/or prominent nose, as this procedure helps to balance the facial features and the appearance of the nose and chin are related to each other. Candidates for this procedure should be in good overall health with no pre-existing medical conditions that can affect this procedure. Patients who have taken Accutane® within the past six months or who are taking anticoagulants should not undergo this procedure.

It is important for patients to have realistic expectations in order to achieve successful results from this procedure. While chin implant surgery can improve the balance of the face and may improve self-confidence as a result, it should only be performed based on the patient’s individual decision, not on the influence of others.

Chin Implant Procedure Details

The chin implant procedure takes less than an hour to perform and can be done under local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia, depending on the patient and doctor preferences. During the procedure, an incision is made inside the mouth to eliminate visible scarring. A pocket is created when the implant is then placed and positioned in front of the jawbone. Once in place, the implant is secured with sutures and the procedure is completed. Patients can return home the same day.

For some patients, an incision made in the mouth may not be possible. In these cases, the incision is made on the skin underneath the chin so that scars are not apparent.

Chin Augmentation Recovery and Results

After the chin implant procedure, patients may experience tightness and swelling in the chin. Any discomfort can be relieved with pain medication, although most patients report pain subsiding after just a few days. A compression garment may be taped to the chin in order to reduce swelling during the healing process. Patients will be restricted to a soft diet for several days until the gums have healed from the incision. For incisions made under the chin, sutures are removed after four to seven days.

Since the incision was made inside the mouth, no scars will be visible after this procedure and there will be no obvious indication that plastic surgery was performed.

Risks and Complications of Chin Implant Surgery

Although the chin implant procedure is considered safe for most patients, there are certain risks associated with every surgical procedure. These risks may include:
  • Prolonged bruising and swelling
  • Adverse reaction to anesthesia
  • Infection
  • Migration of implant
  • Numbness
These risks are considered rare and can be further reduced by choosing an experienced surgeon to perform your procedure. Most patients experience successful results from their chin implant procedure with no major side effects.

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