Perfect female buttocks in a bikini

For women looking to achieve a perkier and fuller backside, the Brazilian butt lift procedure offers a solution. This procedure works by transferring fat from the patient’s own body, usually from the hips or tummy. This fat is then removed and purified using a special device so that the fat cells are ready to be reintroduced to the body with minimal reabsorption. If you’re ready for a Brazilian butt lift, learn about how you can prepare for this procedure.

Change Habits for a Healthier Recovery

If a patient smokes or drinks, he or she will need to change those habits before having the butt lift procedure performed. Habits like these can impair the body’s ability to heal and affect the success of the procedure.

Take Some Time to Rest

After surgery the patient will be unable to sit directly on the affected area for two weeks at least. The patient will also need time to rest and heal. Taking two to four weeks off of work for recovery is recommended.

Create Comfortable Places to Rest

Since patients are unable to sit on their behinds or lay on their backsides, they will need a comfortable place to stay near the Long Island plastic surgery center. Traveling far could be difficult depending on the patient’s healing ability. For most of the recovery period, patients need places to lie on their stomach or sides and stand up.

Wear Compression Garments

For optimal healing and Brazilian butt lift results, a patient will need compression garments to control the swelling that occurs through recovery. These garments will put mild, targeted pressure on the buttocks and thighs in order to encourage blood flow and drainage while reducing swelling. Patients should wear these garments for 24 hours a day until Dr. Funt says otherwise.

Set Realistic Expectations

Although a Brazilian butt lift will transform buttocks into a perkier, more vivacious shape and build, the enhanced behind may not be as large as some may expect. Butt lifts are sculpted to suit each patient’s unique body and build appropriately. The procedure relies on the patient’s own harvested fat cells to give the buttocks a proportionate, enviable boost.

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