Correction of Deformities & Asymmetry

Congenital breast abnormalities are defects in the breast that are present from birth. The most common types are extra, or accessory, nipples and breast tissue. Between two and six percent of people are estimated to have these deformities. Most people with accessory nipples have more than one and they can occur from the underarm to the groin. Sometimes patients are not even aware of their existence because they may be mistaken for moles. Accessory breast tissue is most often found in the underarm area.

Poland's syndrome is a congenital cause of breast asymmetry in which there are underdeveloped or absent chest muscles and breast bone on one side of the body. In milder cases, Poland's syndrome might not be noticeable until a child reaches puberty, when breast and chest development make missing muscle mass apparent. It occurs much more frequently in males than in females.

Other types of congenital abnormalities that are relatively uncommon are severe underdevelopment or absence of one or both breasts or nipples. When the breast tissue is missing, it usually occurs in tandem with abnormalities of the underlying muscles and rib cage. Plastic surgical correction can remedy these deficits and offer a significantly better quality of life.


When breasts are severely asymmetrical, they may require augmentation and a breast lift to create an even shape. Extra breast tissue or accessory nipples can both be surgically removed through simple, minimally invasive procedures.

To treat underdeveloped breast tissue, your surgeon can add implants to structure and shape the breasts. In cases where there is not enough tissue to cover the implant, a soft tissue expander may be utilized to stretch the skin in order to form a covering.

When the muscle is underdeveloped or missing, a flap may be created in which muscle from another part of the body is transferred to fill in the space and support the chest
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