Breast lift on Long IslandWhen Dr. David Funt meets with patients for a breast lift consultation, women often express how much they took their breasts for granted in their 20s. While they may not be as happy with the appearance of their breasts in subsequent decades, the good news is that there is a reliable plastic surgery procedure to improve that. In this post, Dr. Funt explains when women are most likely to seek breast lift.

After Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Although most women know that their breasts enlarge during pregnancy and while lactating, not everyone is prepared for what happens to the breasts once nursing is over and the breasts have dried out of milk. Women generally notice that their breasts look less full and hang lower on the chest. This sagginess can be improved with breast lift surgery.

During Menopause

A woman’s body experiences a dramatic dip in estrogen production around the time menopause starts. Estrogen plays a role in keeping skin firm and plump; without it, skin — including breast skin — gets thinner and less elastic. As a result, the breasts can sag, with most of the density accumulating beneath the nipple. Breast lift can counteract the lack of estrogen and elasticity by positioning the existing breast tissue higher.

When the Nipples Point Downward

Young nipples generally point outward, but gravity, genetics and aging can all play a role in causing the nipples to point downward instead. In addition to elevating breast tissue, breast lift can alter the placement and trajectory of the nipple to make them as appealing and “perky” as possible.

Whenever You Feel Ready

There is no “perfect” time to get breast lift. It is an elective surgery aimed at boosting confidence and presenting your breasts in a more appealing way. In most cases, the point at which you decide you want to elevate your breasts is the right time.

While it is true that breast lifts do not last forever and eventually the effects of aging will cause your breasts to sag once again, that does not mean you have blown your one chance to have breast lift “too early.” Many women decide to undergo breast lift revision a decade or more after their first breast lift procedure to restore more youthful looking breasts.

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