Breast surgeon Long Island, NYBreast augmentation has a remarkably high satisfaction rate, with some studies finding that as many as 98% of women feel that the surgery either met or exceeded their expectations. When it comes to regrets, Dr. David Funt has noticed that his patients are much more likely to express that they wish they had sought the procedure sooner rather than regretting having it. Among the reasons these women wish they had surgery earlier are:

1. They Wish They Had Them During Their Prime Dating Years

Many women discover that having a larger breast profile tends to attract more attention from potential suitors. While some women might value this attention at any age, some of these same women wish they had a larger breast profile earlier as they started exploring the dating scene. Moreover, many women feel more confident in their own skin after breast augmentation — and that confidence enabled them to make smarter choices while seeking a romantic partner.

2. To Have Them for Extra Years before Childbearing

The breasts go through many changes during and following pregnancy. Not only can the size change, but the breasts also tend to start drooping by the time breastfeeding is complete. Although the lactation process has no effect on the implants themselves, the ideal contours achieved with breast augmentation may not seem to be as perfect following these changes.

Accordingly, some women wish they had sought breast augmentation well before having kids so that they could enjoy the results for additional years. The good news is that plastic surgery can improve the look of breasts after pregnancy, if the patient so desires. Breast lift is successful at elevating the breasts to counteract their newfound sagginess, and breast revision can swap out implants to regain the intended shape and size.

3. It Would Have Been Easier for the Surgery to Go Unnoticed

Life can take women in many directions in their early twenties, which can mean moving to a new city, starting a new job and making new friends. While there is no bad time to get breast augmentation, it can make sense to seek the procedure during a transitional time. When performed by a top surgeon like Dr. Funt, breast augmentation produces natural-looking results. Even though women have no reason to feel ashamed to make a positive choice for themselves, it can be nicer to know that the new friends, colleagues and acquaintances they make are unaware of the surgical augmentation, whereas it is more difficult to hide that kind of change when a woman is more settled in her life.

4. Love of Body at a Younger Age

The main incentive for any woman to seek plastic surgery is to make herself happier. No one “needs” breast augmentation, but the procedure does have the ability to make her more content with her appearance and body. Having that contentedness and self-acceptance is powerful. Looking back, women wish they had made the changes that ultimately brought them happiness sooner rather than allowing self-criticisms to fester in their head for as long as they did.

Stop Procrastinating

If you have been considering breast augmentation but keep waiting to take the first steps, why not speak to one of NYC’s most reputable surgeons? During a consultation, Dr. Funt thoroughly explains the procedure so that you can make an informed decision as to whether breast implants feel right for you. To schedule an appointment, call (516) 295-0404 today.