Plastic Surgeon New York, NYResearch has repeatedly found that people find faces that are symmetrical to be the most attractive, so it makes sense that so many patients come to Dr. David Funt to correct issues related to asymmetry. Whether the unevenness is on the nose, eyes, ears, cheeks, lips or chin, many cosmetic surgery solutions exist to address these problems. In this blog, Dr. Funt describes some of these popular procedures.


The nose is already arguably the most prominent feature on the face because of its size and central location. If the nose is crooked or uneven, it stands out that much more — though not for the right reasons. Rhinoplasty is a nose shaping surgery that can adjust the cartilage and bone contour to bring balance back to the nose. It can target asymmetry on the bridge, around the nostrils or both. It can also alter the projection of the nasal tip so that it points forward.

Eyelid Surgery

While most blepharoplasty procedures are performed starting at middle age for patients who rejuvenate their eyes by addressing sagging eyelids, it can be performed on patients of any age who have asymmetrical eyelids. It is not uncommon for one eyelid to be a different size than the other or one eyelid to droop more than the other. Although this is rarely indicative of a health problem, having uneven eyelids may detract from the overall attractiveness of the face. Dr. Funt can carefully perform surgery on one or both eyelids to ensure that they match each other.

Ear Surgery

People’s ears often have small differences, but it takes significant differences to throw off a balance in symmetry. The most obvious cases are those where one ear sticks outward more drastically than the other. Ear pinning surgery can pull one (or both) ears inward, allowing them to rest closer to the head and appear flatter. Earlobes of different sizes can also be adjusted with otoplasty to better correspond with each other.


Patients often do not need surgery to improve facial symmetry. Dermal fillers like Juvéderm and Radiesse are great at adding volume to specific areas so that one side of the face looks identical to the other. These quick injectable treatments can help patients who want both cheeks to look identical, their lips to appear even on both sides and their chin to appear more symmetrical.

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