So you’ve decided to undergo breast augmentation surgery. This is a major step, and an overall positive one for most women. Now that you’ve committed to having the surgery, the best thing you can do is prepare. Prior to your breast augmentation, get ready by following these five recommendations:

  • Make Personal Arrangements

You will not be able to drive yourself home after surgery, so you’ll need to arrange for someone to take you home. You will also need a friend or family stay with you for at least 24 hours post-surgery. If you have small children or pets, you will need to arrange for their care for the first few days after you’re home, as well. Your body needs time to rest and heal, and trying to care for children or pets can impede the healing process significantly.

  • Fill Prescription Medications Ahead of Time

Make sure any prescribed medications and over-the-counter anti-inflammatories have been filled and purchased before your surgery. You’ll also want to make sure they are in a convenient location.

  • Stop Smoking

At least for a time, it’s essential that you avoid smoking before your procedure and for about a week or so afterward, as smoking can make it more difficult for the blood to carry oxygen.

  • Watch Your Diet

Eating a healthy diet and avoiding alcohol a few days prior to surgery is recommended. Also, as per your doctor’s instructions, do not eat or drink or eat anything after midnight prior to the day of your surgery, including water.

  • Wear Loose-Fitting Clothes After Surgery

The day of your breast augmentation procedure, wear clothes that are comfortable and easy to get in and out of. Tops and sports bras that open in the front are a good idea, as are sweat pants. Slip-on shoes are also ideal. Your doctor will either provide or recommend you purchase a compression garment to wear post-surgery, as well. This will help with swelling.

  • Are You Considering Breast Augmentation Surgery?

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