Cosmetic plastic surgery is a booming field for a number of reasons. Today, men and women feel much freer to consult with their trusted surgeon about aspects of their appearance that may not make them feel their best. Sometimes, the question about expectations may be misconstrued. Can cosmetic surgery really change your life? Let’s see what research has to say.

Significant Findings About Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

In our practice, we consistently see positive results from cosmetic plastic surgery. Our patients report that they feel greater confidence in their appearance, which can translate into a number of benefits throughout every area of life. What our patients tell us reflects what thousands of patients have told researchers over the years.

Studies conducted by Cornell University researcher Dr. Neil Sadick have demonstrated the advantages of cosmetic plastic surgery. One of his studies focused on women treated with mastopexy, or breast lift surgery. 95% of the Participants in this particular study expressed improvement to both of their physical appearance and their psychological well-being after treatment. Another of Dr. statics studies took a more comprehensive view, looking at a variety of cosmetic surgery procedures and their benefits for patients. In a 2008 study of 105 participants, the large majority of patients experienced significant improvement in their professional and social relationships. Patients treated with cosmetic plastic surgery also reported improved sex lives. While these two studies provided the curious researcher with ample information, he went on with one more study to conclude that plastic surgery patients tend to become less anxious and more confident in their lives after treatment. Many patients also reported a feeling of greater independence.

Let’s Keep Exploring

An interesting study performed in the mid-1990s provided us valuable information regarding happiness after cosmetic plastic surgery. This study, Physical Attractiveness and Subjective Well-being, looked at participants’ general happiness based on their appearance. The study found that greater happiness revolved around a person’s own perception of their attractiveness, not on others opinion of their physical beauty. What we can take from this study is the realization that it is not a generalized view of beauty that affects plastic surgery patients. Rather, it is their unique view of their physical attractiveness.

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