Cosmetic surgery procedures are more popular today than ever before. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, nearly 18 million people opted for either a surgical or minimally invasive cosmetic procedure in 2018 alone – a figure up nearly a quarter of a million on the previous year. One thing is certain, our desire to alter and enhance various aspects of our appearance isn’t something that is likely to change anytime soon. Nevertheless, some types of cosmetic treatments are set to be more popular than others over the coming 12 months. Here’s our prediction of the top cosmetic surgery trends to watch of 2020.

Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Procedure Trends for 2020

As their name suggests, minimally invasive procedures are those which involve minimal impact on the body. As a result, they can usually be carried out with little or no anesthetic, there is less or no post-procedure discomfort and patients can recover much more quickly. In many cases, it may be possible for patients to get back to their usual activities immediately.

Injectable Treatments

Injectables have been at the forefront of cosmetic enhancement over the last year and this is predicted to remain constant for 2020. As you may have guessed, these treatments are injected into the body. These tend to fall into two categories – Botox injections and fillers. Botox injections (which include the brands Xeomin, Jeuveau, and Dysport) prevent the muscles they are injected into from contracting, stopping lines and wrinkles from forming. Meanwhile, fillers work by plumping out areas of the face where volume has been lost and caused the skin to sag.

Lip enhancement is a particularly popular injectable treatment. Filler is injected into the lips in order to make them larger, fuller and more sensual in appearance. However, in 2020 you can also expect to see an increase in the number of patients opting for lip lift non-invasive surgery. This is a procedure that shortens the space between the nose and top of the lip, causing it to lift higher.

Non-Surgical Body Contouring

If you have heard of red-light therapy, fat freezing, and laser lipo then you have already come across non-surgical body contouring. These treatments aim to replicate the slimmer, toned silhouette usually achieved through tummy tucks and conventional liposuction, but in a minimally invasive way. These treatments all work in a slightly different way – fat freezing focuses on destroying fat cells through intense cold which are then metabolized by the body, while red light treatment heats and liquefies the fat cells so that they can be processed out. Results from body contouring treatments like these usually take at least several weeks to see due to the length of the metabolic processes. However, there is virtually no downtime and treatments can be less expensive than conventional surgery.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant surgery has been around since the 50s, but modern techniques are more effective and successful than ever. Whether you suffer from male pattern baldness, a receding hairline or other issues, you could see your head of hair transformed using this procedure which involves strips of your hair being taken from one area of your head and placed into another. Within several months, you should see a dramatic improvement in the appearance of your hair.

Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping

Rhinoplasty is a fairly complex and invasive procedure. However, it is now possible to make some significant changes to the appearance of the nose using fillers which are injected around it to change its appearance. Non-surgical nose reshaping is set to be a continuing trend for 2020.

Surgical Cosmetic Procedure Trends for 2020

Some types of cosmetic enhancement require a much more significant degree of surgery. Here’s what our expert team believes will be the most sought-after surgeries of 2020.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation procedures have continued to be one of the most popular of all cosmetic surgeries and the techniques are continually evolving to ensure that they as safe and effective as possible. Recovery times have also diminished thanks to advances within the surgery. While conventional procedures are carried out using artificial implants, in 2020 we expect to see an increase in the number of patients choosing breast enlargement through fat transfer. This is where fat is taken from another area of the body, purified and then reinserted into the breasts to make them larger. The fact that your own fat is used makes the likelihood of rejection much lower, plus many patients feel that their breasts look and feel more natural.


If you want significant body shaping and you want to see results very quickly, conventional liposuction may be the best option for you. This is carried out using general anesthetic in most cases and involves the removal of excess fat from the body using a tube attached to a vacuum. Saline is injected into the fat cells to break them down before they are sucked out through small incisions. Results can start to be seen as soon as the swelling goes down, although patients will need to allow some time for their recovery.

For more information on any of these procedures, please don’t hesitate to contact our cosmetic surgery team.