Neck Lift Long IslandIf you want to rejuvenate your appearance, it can be a mistake to only think about your face. For many, noticeable signs of aging appear on the neck before the face. Dr. David Funt, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Long Island, is skilled at reversing aging on your neck. In this blog, he discusses the ways that aging can take a toll on your neck, as well as some of the treatments to refresh your neck’s appearance. 

Changes You Can Expect

The tight, smooth skin you enjoyed in your youth becomes progressively laxer with age. The culprit is the slowing production of the skin-tightening proteins collagen and elastin. Unfortunately, your neck is particularly susceptible to lines and wrinkles. In your later years, you may discover that sagging skin dangles from beneath your chin, creating a “turkey” neck.

Beyond skin, you may also notice more fat around your neck. Because facial fat sinks over time, this fat may settle around your jawline, creating unattractive jowls and a less elegant neck slope.

Your neck muscles, specifically the platysmal muscles that run vertically, lose strength over time. As these muscles loosen, they sag and become visible through the skin, which further ages your face.

Ways to Rejuvenate Your Neck

Neck Lift

The most thorough way to address your neck is with surgery. In a single procedure, Dr. Funt can remove loose skin and excess fat while tightening the platysmal muscles to achieve younger neck contours. If you have significant signs of aging on the lower portion of your face, you may decide to have facelift, which incorporates elements of neck lift. By refreshing your face, neck, and jawline simultaneously, you can more uniformly rejuvenate your appearance.


If you would prefer a non-invasive treatment, you may be interested in injectables to smooth your neck. Dermal filler can add volume that minimizes your lines and wrinkles. Additionally, Botox is a great solution for relaxing overactive platysmal muscles so that your neck bands become less visible.


To achieve a sleeker neck, you may want to remove fat from your neck and chin. Liposuction permanently suctions out fat cells, while CoolSculpting is a less invasive alternative that freezes/destroys fat cells. Dr. Funt would be happy to discuss both options in more detail during a consultation.

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