Breast reduction continually ranks as one of the plastic surgery procedures with the highest satisfaction rates. Undoubtedly, that’s because breast reduction is not just about making the body look more attractive, but also removing daily hinderances that can accompany having oversized breasts.

If you are interested in having plastic surgery to reduce your breast volume but want to understand more about how surgery will change your breasts, Dr. David Funt, a top-rated plastic surgeon in Long Island, invites you to learn more in this blog.

They Do Not Feel as Heavy

By removing breast tissue, your breasts are physically lighter, which helps to put less strain on your back, neck, and shoulders. This is especially beneficial if you have been dealing with chronic pain-related issues. You may even find that you have better posture since the weight of your breasts no longer causes you to hunch over.

They Sit Higher on Your Body

When Dr. Funt performs breast reduction, he not only reduces the size of the breasts but also adds lifting techniques so that the newly smaller breasts do not sag. This helps to ensure that your physique is youthful and appealing, even if your breasts are less prominent. Your areolas can also be resized to appear more proportional to the new size of your breasts, with the nipples pointing outward.

Their Sensitivity Fluctuates

One thing that many patients worry about is whether the sensation in their breast will be intact after reduction. Nerves are inevitably severed during a cosmetic breast procedure, so most women have a change in sensation during the first weeks, with some women feeling numbness and others noticing heightened sensitivity. Fortunately, these changes are usually just a part of the recovery process. Your sensitivity should eventually return to normal, although that cannot be guaranteed. 

They Do Not Chafe as Much as They Used To

With large breasts, you are more susceptible to rashes and irritation on the underside of your breast since it is easy for sweat and other moisture to get trapped between your breast and the underlying skin. In more extreme cases, this may even cause an infection. By decreasing the volume of the breasts and lifting the tissue, the chafing you experience on a regular basis should decrease dramatically.

Meet with a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

If this list of positive changes sounds like something you would like to experience in your own life, you may be a fantastic candidate for breast reduction. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Funt, who has been named a “Top Doctor” in NYC for many years running, please call 516-295-0404 today.

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