Rhinoplasty RecoveryYour nose has been bugging you your entire life. You look at pictures and think, “If only I didn’t have that nose.” And so you finally make the decision to get a rhinoplasty, or most commonly referred to as a nose job. However, although you might be prepared to undergo the surgery itself, it’s important to know about how to take care of yourself after surgery and during recovery. Read on to learn more about proper rhinoplasty recovery.

Avoid Exercise

Yes, it might just throw you over the edge to have to think about taking a hiatus from exercise for a week or two while your nose heals. However, this break from exercise can help to ensure that your nose heals properly and that no blood vessels burst during the healing process.

Avoid Placing Q-Tips and Foreign Objects Up Your Nose

During the first few days or even week after your surgery, you may have a stent placed inside of your nose in order to help support it, especially if it was broken during the surgical process. And although it may get itchy or feel like you have something trapped up your nose, it’s important to simply leave it alone and avoid placing any Q-tips or foreign objects up your nose because this could irritate the incision site and slow down the healing time.

Sleep Sitting Up

If you normally sleep on your stomach or side, you will have to get used to sleeping not only on your back during recovery but sitting up as well. By sitting up during sleep, you can help alleviate any swelling and ensure that any nasal drainage doesn’t cause you to choke or become uncomfortable. Look for a comfortable support pillow before surgery so that during recovery you can rest easy.

By following the above tips and the care and instruction given by your doctor, you can recover quickly and smoothly without any roadblocks along the way. To learn more about rhinoplasty surgery or to schedule an appointment, contact our office today