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Chin implants are one of the two ways to improve the shape of the chin, the other being genioplasty. Compared to the latter, which typically involves using a part of the patient’s bone to improve the structure and shape of the chin, chin implants use synthetic filler materials to augment the chin. People who want to dramatically improve their facial profile, looks and confidence often choose to have chin implants along with a nose job.

Three Things to Know about Chin Implants

  • Chin implants are permanent: Contrary to other non-surgical treatments for improving the appearance of a weak, injured or aesthetically unpleasant chin, or even an imbalanced facial profile, chin implants are permanent. The actual implant is fashioned using solid, durable and lasting bio-compatible materials to ensure your body does not metabolize the implant over time and ultimately flush it out of your system. This is also what makes them permanent. Non-surgical treatments use materials such as proteins, fats and different types of glucose, all of which is broken down by the body over time and flushed out.
  • Chin implants can change the appearance of the whole face: While a singular chin implant can balance your facial profile and augment looks, it can work wonders for your whole face as well. This is why chin implants are included in such comprehensive profile re-shaping cosmetic procedures as profileplasty, where rhinoplasty and chin implants are performed together. Chin implants can also be teamed with jaw implants, cheek implants and other cosmetic surgery procedures to give you the looks you want.
  • Chin implants are totally safe: Not only is the implant material safe (on account of being bio-compatible, yet solid and indigestible by the body), but so is the actually surgery procedure. The surgical process of attaching implants to augment facial profile carries in fact, the lowest risk of complications and unwanted results.

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