Are you interested in getting breast augmentation? Likely, one of your primary concerns is how you will look once all is said and done. Depending on the specific look you want to achieve, your new breasts can either be natural-looking or appear noticeably enhanced. The latter has been made famous by many Hollywood celebrities. It’s characterized by unnaturally large-sized breasts with a pronounced rounded shape, giving them a seemingly strong push-up bra effect. But if you do not want others to be able to tell if you had some work done, go for an approach that will make your breasts look much like what mother nature expects them to resemble. Here are the top tips to get naturally stunning breast augmentation results.

Choose an Expert Plastic Surgeon

Breast augmentation is major surgery with risks. So, find someone you can trust. You want a highly skilled surgeon who does breast augmentation regularly. It is best to use a checklist to find the right surgeon for you. Start by asking your friends and relatives who have undergone breast augmentation. Talking to patients and hearing first-hand accounts of their experiences are always helpful. Once you have references of potential plastic surgeons, review their credentials. Ask about their work experience performing the surgery and check for complaints on review sites. Research their facility and ensure that you make the most of your initial consultation.

Look for the Best Type and Size of Breast Implants For You

There are several types of breast implants like saline, structured saline, and silicone. Other types include gummy bear, round, smooth, and textured implants. When it comes to deciding on the size, every patient is unique. Your ideal breast implant size will depend on your body and what your goals are. If you want a natural-looking result, opt for the size that fits your body and matches your tissue elasticity. You might not want implants that are too small as they will look shrunken, limp, or misshapen. On the other hand, if your implants are too large, they may bulge and seem overly firm.

Consider the Approach You Want Your Surgeon to Use

Your doctor can place your breast implants either over or under the muscles. Several factors determine implant placement, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Discuss with your plastic surgeon what option is most suitable for you. Incisions in breast augmentation are sutured and usually heal into a fine scar. Your surgeon can recommend the right incision location based on your anatomy and the type of breast implants to be used.

Think About Fat Transfer Instead of Breast Implants

Besides the use of implants, you can make your breasts larger using fat transfer. It uses your own tissues. So, your breasts will look and feel more natural. Since there will be no introduction of foreign material, the procedure often results in a faster recovery period with little to no scarring. The liposuction also helps in slimming down the areas where the fat was harvested, such as your tummy, thighs, or hips.

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