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Laser hair removal allows the once and for all removal of unwanted hair from any part of the body. Of all the traditional methods, which are more pervasive in nature and have to be carried out on a regular basis, laser hair removal gives people a safe and easy option to opt out of unwanted hair for good, all this with very little discomfort and great results.

About Laser Hair Removal

  • The procedure: Hair removal using IPL requires multiple sessions with a gap of 4-8 weeks between each session. The sessions are planned based on some biological factors, such as the cycle of hair growth. At least six sessions are required to achieve the desired results. The frequency of the sessions and the amount and type of laser applied is based on many factors including the density of hair, the area of the body, and hair color, among other factors.
  • During the procedure: IPL hair removal causes little pain. That is why this non-invasive hair removal technique is one of the most acclaimed in the domain of skin treatments. During the treatment clients might experience a pricking sensation, which may last for only a fraction of a second. The feeling occurs due to the laser passing through the skin and into the hair shaft beneath the skin. Once you are past the sensation you might feel a warm, tingling sensation for some time. The chill tips used in some lasers cool the skin and relieve it of any discomfort. Doctors might also apply some topical anesthesia and post treatment creams to lessen probabilities of irritation.
  • Post-procedure: After the procedure one might notice a temporary pinkness in the treated area for short period of time. Hair loss occurs in the treated area over the next 3-4 weeks, when it is already time for your next session. Each treatment will lead to hair reduction, and the hair will grow thinner and finer. The desired results are 80-99 percent clearance in the area.

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