Plastic Surgery in WoodmereHave you noticed that people are less shy about discussing plastic surgery lately? If you have noticed a shift, it is not just your imagination. A new report by RealSelf, a plastic surgery website featuring some of the best plastic surgeons in the industry (including our very own Dr. David Funt), has found data to support the idea that people are feeling more positive about cosmetic procedures than perhaps ever before. Read on to find out what a survey, administered independently by polling firm YouGov, discovered. 

What the Data Tells Us

About 18% of people polled said they have noticed attitudes about cosmetic surgery and procedures have improved significantly in the past few years among their own social groups. This improvement of attitudes was even stronger among Black and Latino people. Although men’s attitudes improved overall, women remain more accepting.

Of the over 2,000 participants, 24% said they had a cosmetic treatment, with 12% having at least two such procedures. Nearly half of people who had these procedures discussed it with their friends. This level of honesty was even higher than it was to share with romantic partners (37%), parents (23%) and coworkers (14%).

What Has Made Cosmetic Procedures More Appealing?

Friends discussing cosmetic treatments in a positive way — whether they are describing their own procedures or the positive results on a celebrity — have obviously influenced overall attitudes.

The media often attributes the rising acceptance of plastic surgery to two things: celebrity promotions on social media and the “Zoom effect” that forced people to take a more critical look at their reflections during the pandemic.

However, this survey’s participants ranked other factors much higher. Fifty-five percent said that acceptance has improved because of the increase in options for having safe, minimally invasive procedures with short recovery periods. Another 48% said that the improvement is due to society at large championing self-confidence and self-care.

Of the people who have considered cosmetic treatments but have not pulled the trigger yet, 60% attribute their hesitancy to their financial circumstances. Perhaps unsurprisingly, 40% of the people who have had cosmetic treatments earn over $150,000 per year.

Meet with Long Island’s Most Reputable Plastic Surgeon

This RealSelf survey makes it clear: the stigma that was once attached to plastic surgery is continuously fading. If fear of judgment has held you back from seeking treatment, rest assured that society’s attitudes have never been higher. And if the financial aspect seems like too much of a hurdle, check out the financing options we offer here at Funt Aesthetics.

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