Body Contouring in Roslyn Heights

Losing a significant amount of weight is a remarkable accomplishment that takes a lot of discipline and effort. While the health benefits are obvious, you may discover that your body does not look as perfect as you hoped when you started your journey. This can happen because your skin stretched to fit over your larger frame, but it may no longer have the elasticity to tighten and shrink along with your downsized body. The only practical solution for removing loose skin is with plastic surgery.

At Funt Aesthetics, Dr. David Funt has helped many patients who want to improve the appearance of their body after losing weight. Most often, he recommends the following procedures:

Tummy Tuck

Losing weight can get you much closer to having a flat and firm abdomen, but loose skin may make your midsection look thicker than you would like. Tummy tuck removes this excess skin while simultaneously reconnecting separated abdominal muscles to restore a firm appearance. This surgery is especially popular for women after losing pregnancy weight.

Thigh Lift

Many people store excess fat in their thighs, which is why loose skin is common above the knee after weight loss. In addition to detracting from your appearance, it can lead to chafing and make walking uncomfortable. By reducing extra skin from the thighs, you should regain the confidence to wear shorts again.

Upper Arm Lift

Women are especially prone to storing fat in their arms. When that weight comes off, loose skin can make the arms less appealing, especially in short sleeves/sleeveless clothing. To create sleeker arm contours, the best approach is arm lift, which effectively tightens the skin around the arms.

Breast Lift

The skin around the breasts can also become loose with weight loss, causing sagging that can age the breasts and make them look less attractive. To counter this drooping, breast lift removes loose skin, which effectively re-elevates the breasts for a youthful presentation. 


Clearly, you have proven you can lose weight on your own. However, stubborn deposits of fat may prevent you from achieving the precise body contours you have hoped for, even with dieting and vigorous exercise. Liposuction is not a weight-loss surgery, but it is effective at permanently removing excess fat cells to help finish your journey. 

Learn More About Body Contouring with a Leading Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Funt is a board-certified plastic surgeon with a strong portfolio that demonstrates how effective he is at transforming bodies with excess skin. To speak to this Long Island surgeon about your cosmetic goals, please request an appointment online.

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