Breast Procedures Long IslandIf you have been considering a cosmetic breast procedure (breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast reduction), you may have some concerns about how such a surgery would be affected by a future pregnancy. Renowned plastic surgeon Dr. David Funt regularly answers similar questions during consultations for breast enhancement. Below, he shares what women who intend to have children (or more children) should know before making a final decision about breast surgery.

Are There Risks of Having Cosmetic Breast Surgery Before Having Children?

From a safety standpoint, you have nothing to worry about if you have cosmetic surgery and decide to have a child later. Breast implants do not reduce your odds of conceiving a child, nor does it pose risks to the health of your child. Most likely, having surgery will not affect your ability to breastfeed either. While there is a tiny percentage of women who have more difficulty breastfeeding following procedures that use an areolar incision, if you discuss your interest in having a child in the future during a consultation, Dr. Funt can create a surgical plan that preserves more glandular tissue.

Pregnancy Will Change Your Breasts

Inevitably, becoming pregnant will have an affect on your breasts. Your breasts enlarge throughout your pregnancy to prepare for lactation. To account for this additional volume, your breast skin must stretch. However, when your breasts lose this extra mass after you have finished breastfeeding, your skin may no longer be elastic enough to retract. Consequently, your breasts are likely to sag within this loose skin.

For this reason, breast lift is generally postponed until a woman has completed her family. Since a subsequent pregnancy is likely to aggravate droopiness again, most women prefer to have the surgery at a later time so that the results will last.

Before or After: It’s Up to You

With breast lift, the incentive to wait until after having children is strong given that pregnancy is likely to cause your breasts to sag once again. However, with a procedure like breast augmentation or breast reduction, you may as well start enjoying the benefits sooner so that you can feel confident rather than postponing your cosmetic transformation indefinitely. The main exception is that if you are planning to have a child in the very near future, you may wish to wait until after the child is born so that you can make surgical requests that best reflect your breasts’ new appearance.

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