Breast, Butt and Chin Implants, Long Island, NYWhen genetics have not blessed patients with their preferred body proportions, implants are one of the most reliable cosmetic solutions. Elite Long Island plastic surgeon Dr. David Funt offers multiple types of implants to achieve the best results for his patients. In this blog, he describes the three most common areas where he uses synthetic implants.

Breast Implants

The word “implants” is practically synonymous with breast augmentation. Each year, over 200,000 women in the United States choose to surgically insert implants into their breasts. In addition to increasing the overall volume of the breasts, breast implants are great for achieving symmetry, a specific shape or a youthful slope.

For breast procedures, implants are available in two main styles: saline and silicone. Dr. Funt reviews the advantages with his patients so that they may make the best decision. Silicone implants tend to have a more natural appearance and feel as well as a reduced risk for rippling. Saline implants can be filled with saltwater solution after being placed in the body, meaning that smaller incisions are required. The size can also be adjusted after the fact. Although implant ruptures are rare, a broken silicone implant must be removed immediately, whereas a saline implant does not pose a risk to the patient’s health.

Chin Implants

People who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their jawline can add shape and definition with help from a chin implant. Dr. Funt uses biocompatible implants to strengthen a weak or recessed chin. He can also use a chin implant to lengthen the proportions of the face so that the chin is more harmonious with the projection of the nose. Extending the chin has the added benefit of minimizing the appearance of loose skin or submental fat that are common with age.

Butt Implants

Although Brazilian butt lift (BBL) has become the most popular way to enhance the butt, a traditional butt lift uses silicone butt implants to help patients get their desired proportions in their rear end. Since BBL requires harvesting excess fat from another area of the body, implants remain the best option for people with a low body fat percentage that are not good candidates for liposuction. Dr. Funt is careful to place the implants in a way that they are comfortable and natural looking.

Learn More from Dr. Funt

Dr. Funt customizes a treatment to the specific needs and desires of each patient. During a consultation, he can determine whether an implant or some other cosmetic option is the best method to help you look and feel your best. Schedule a virtual consultation with Dr. Funt now to learn more from an expert plastic surgeon.

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