Breast Augmentation in New York CityMany women who want to augment their breasts put off scheduling surgery due to fear that these breasts may look “artificial.” Rest assured that natural-looking results are absolutely achievable. As one of New York City’s best known breast surgeons, Dr. David Funt is a top surgeon for women who seek subtle breast enhancement. Several ways that he produces authentic-looking breast contours may include:

Implant Size

The breast implant is the most important consideration when it comes to creating a natural-looking augmentation, beginning with the size. Women who have recognizable breast augmentation results almost always have breasts that are out of proportion with their natural frame. While there is nothing wrong with choosing very large implants, those who select implants of a modest size that make the breasts seem proportional (or slightly bigger) than their body are most likely to go undetected.

Implant Shape

The shape of the implant is also important. Most women choose round implants, but “gummy bear” (form stable) implants are a very effective way to give breasts a youthful, sloping shape that appears more natural than perfectly round breasts.

Implant Placement

Dr. Funt is proficient at placing breast implants either behind or in front of the pectoral muscle, depending on the goals of the patient. For his patients who want the most natural results, he often recommends positioning the implant underneath the muscle, since this provides additional tissue coverage. Not only is the subpectoral implant less noticeable, it is far less likely to cause issues like capsular contracture and visible rippling.

Implant Type

Most breast implants fit into two categories: silicone and saline. When it comes to achieving the most realistic results, Dr. Funt suggests silicone implants. The cohesive gel that fills these implants redistributes with movement, so that breasts look natural when in motion. Moreover, silicone implants feel more like natural breast tissue, so anyone touching the breasts will have more difficulty determining that they have been enhanced.   

Great Results Begin with a Great Surgeon

The best way to ensure that your breast augmentation results look as natural as possible is by choosing an experienced, expert surgeon who has achieved similar results in many women.

Dr. Funt earns top reviews from his breast augmentation patients, who remark on his expertise, professionalism, and warm demeanor. To finally attain the breast profile you have always wanted, schedule an appointment at one of his Long Island offices by calling 516-295-0404 today. 

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